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Do You Know the Meanings of Jummah Friday

KNOW ABOUT THIS HOLY DAY JUMAH (FRIDAY) is a day full of blessings. We say prayer in Masjid after getting ready. Do you know the meanings of Jummah and other blessings? Let’s tell you something sacred about it. Jummah is taken from Arabic language which means “to be gathered”. Allah says in Holy Quran in Surah Jummah about its implication as a people when you are identifying for Jummah Prayer, get ready fast close your businesses and if you understand it better for you”.


Muslims believe that Allah has blessed them with lot of blessings in which Ramadan and Friday are included. Hazrat Adam A.S was born on this day. He has entered into Jannah and had been thrown out from Jannah on same day. Judgment will held on this day. Jummah prayer is important to offer. Hazrat Muhammad SAW said angel is there to say greeting to prayers on this day at the door of Masjid.


There is a moment in this day when pray is accepted at once: It is also narrated that one who finds Friday, takes bathe, wear neat clothes and listen Imam during khutba, he has been granted forgiveness to upcoming Friday. Giving aims has its own position in this day. It is like Eid day for Muslims.

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