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Head coach Mickey Arthur impressed by talent of Pakistan cricket players

Pakistan cricket team’s new head coach Mickey Arthur said that Pakistan cricket players have unbelievable abilities. Mickey Arthur has been dismissed from the coaching of Australia on failure of team before Asian series. Mickey Author is best known for his team South Africa. However he has been involved in so called issue on home work gate regarding the written from shane watson and other four prominent players and their ill performance. Now he is facing a challenge to take advantage from Pakistan talented team .In this team baller M. Amir is also included who has joined this team after getting punishment in spot fixing in 2010.

During team training Mickey Arthur told media that he has forgotten his dismissing from Australia however he felt unpleased on the situation created infront of public. He said that he learnt allow from his experiences but I don’t made any change in my style because i don’t think that making compromise on rules which you think better and he got tired to explain work gate and it was not as it was shown .Now he is working with new techniques with new team and definitely get victory. Admitting the talent of Pakistan players, Arthur said that Australia and south Africa team were not as remarkable as this team is. It has hidden qualities and these qualities are sure way to make cricket future better in Pakistan.

He said the previous two teams were best in fitness and discipline. He further said that he is trying to produce consistency in team which is essential part of success. He said I was watching M Amir and sohail balling. They were in swing and out swing. I just asked them to practice this. Talking about consistency of players he said that they are in lack of patience and bear. i am trying to change these qualities and you will feel a great change with many more.

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