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Historical referendum Britain out from European Union

52% voters favour in separation with European union and 48 %agree to stay with it.turn out 71.8. going to leave prime minister-ship in October. prime minister.

Britain not late to go. European union demanded a referendum in France ,Holland and Italy. German chancellor called out urgent meeting with with European union leader. on staying or leaving, British people cast their vote in favour to leave European union. In result if this referendum British prime minister decided to resign. According to BBC the turn out of referendum on Thursday was 71.8 and more than 3 crore people used their rite to cast is the largest voting ratio in Britain after 1992. According to referendum result, 52% voted in favour of leaving European union and 48 % voted to stay with it. In England out of the London and in vales large number of people cast their vote in favour to leave. It is proved a great shock for the 28 members based organization.However this voting doesn’t mean to leave European union immediately and it may take the duration of two years.

But the supporters of To Be A Part of European union say that it is a dreadful decision. UK independent party declare this day as an independence day for Britain. After the final results of referendum , David Cameroon informed media ar Downing street that he is going to resign in October.In this duration of prime minister-ship, he will try to control the country.But in start there should b a new prime minister to make an agreement with European union .He further explain that he is never infavour to leave European union but it doesn’t mean that Britain can not survive by its own. He said that he will help Britain to find the best way in this regard. Cameroon told that now it is not possible for him to lead the country in these circumstances. the opinion of people will be respected at all. To make deal with European union northern Ireland Scotland leadership should support government.  seeing this situation German chancellor called an urgent meeting of European union leaders. the leadership old Australia and other many countries said that it is a serious issue and European union can survive itself and opinion of people is respected more than any thing.

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