Wednesday , June 28 2017
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If I have money then……

New Delhi: Bollywood Industry King Shah Rukh Khan is Romantic Hero in Bollywood Industry. He is getting most money in the Bollywood Industry actors. He is king of Bollywood Industry but now Shah Rukh Khan is very sad because he wants to get his own aeroplane. He disclosed his wish on Tuesday that I want to buy my own Aeoplane but it is not easy for me because I don’t have much money to buy Aeroplane.

When I have money I want to buy Aeroplane but I have utilized my all money on my movies. At least now I don’t have much money to buy Aeroplane and now I do not understand how my wish will complete.

Bollywood King is hoping to get his own Aeroplane in his life and We wish him he will get Aeroplane soon.

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