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Importance and Blessings of Darood Shareef

Allah said “And no doubt Allah Himself and His angels recite darood Shreef on Hazrat Muhammed SAW.  So ay people who have believed recite darood shareef on SAW a lot.”

Hazrat Abu Huraira RA narrated that Hazrat Muhammad SAW said” The one who recites a lot of darood on me. Allah sent ten blessings upon him”.

Hazrat Ka’ab narrated that I asked Hazrat Muhammad SAW

“Ya Rasool Allah I recite darood shareef a lot. How much time should i devote to recite this? I asked 1/4. He SAW said As You wish. I said 2/4? He SAW said, as you wish but if you recite it more it will be good for you. I said 2/3 of my time? He SAW said, as you wish. I said if I devote my all time of pray? He SAW said it will be best for you and your all sins will be forgiven. It will be enough for all your worries and pain. Hazrat ka’ab RA narrated that one day Hazrat Muhammad SAW asked to bring pulpit. When he stepped at first step He SAW said “Aameen” At second step He SAW said “Ameen”. At the third step He SAW repeated the same words

When He SAW set free from address , His companions asked the reason of saying Aameen for three times. He SAW said that today Jibrael AS came and He said ” ruin the person who find the month of Ramadan and could not get forgiveness” I Said Aameen . Then He AS said “ruin the person who listen Your name and don’t recite darood on You” I said Aameen . In the last He AS said “ruin the person who found mother or father or both in old age and couldn’t get Jannah on serving them” I said Aameen.

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