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Potato Is Beneficial For Health

The most eaten vegetable in world is POTATO. Especially it is most favorite with kids. Interesting thing about it is that if it is not cooked, kitchen lost its shine. Allah has kept a lot of nutrition in it. Potato contains a lot of salt, fats, calcium, proteins and vitamins which are helpful to defeat many diseases.

Potato fans are found everywhere. An interesting thing happened when an Australian decided to live on potato only. Apparently I looked difficult at first. This man wanted to get experience that what would be happen if someone lives at this diet only. To make this experiment successful he stopped every type of diet and started to eat potatoes. Andrew said that he feels himself fresh and more active whole day when he eats potatoes .Andrew is under examined and his reports declare that he is getting all nutrients. Andrew is determined to use potatoes but some medical specialists declare it dangerous. According to Dr jackson

“Andrew can get only few nutrients by using potatoes only but his body could not get all important nutrients he needed”

Dr Gennee said

“Andrew can get 2000 chelories by eating 3 kg potatoes daily which is enough for daily needs”

Andrew can get some proteins. It means that 60 gram proteins will be available for Andrew.  Potatoes contain less oil so it would be difficult for vitamin A and D to be a part of body and he will be deprived from Omega 3. Absence of proteins and many other important vitamins, Andrew can suffer many diseases. Shortage of red blood cells can cause anima in Andrew. On the other hand thousands of people liked Andrew to reduce weight by eating potatoes. Andrew said that though he cannot reduce weight as he desired but by acting this he can get his goals. Andrew’s this struggle has made many people conscious and it has become a topic of interest. But far coming results will tell what right and who is right.

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