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Why the Japanese Girls are so smart

Tokyo: Many times you are watching that Japanese girls are looking ever slim and smart. Even you just watch in hundred of girls that one girl is healthy but we mostly see that Japanese girls are so smart.  Japanese don’t like eating things in their kitchen which can increase weight. They like Sea Eatable things, like Fruits, Rice, Vegetable and Green Tea. These all eatable thing can decrease your weight, even these things effect on your skin. You will be looking very beautiful and smart.

In Japan all over the production of fish they are eating 2 percent Fish. Japanese dishes are Oil free and they don’t like Spicy dishes. Japanese have one habit that they ever use Rice in every eating time.

They take in breakfast Green Tea, Boil Rice, Soup, garlic and piece of fish. They never like sweet dishes because sweet dishes always effect on health. They are doing exercise on daily basis and they like hiking also which is good for health.

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